2.5" Tahu & Kopaka canister acrylic keychain


Coming Soon


✦ Canister art on front, transparent window showing shaker on back
✦ Shaker pieces include his mask and sword
✦ An option with liquid + glitter is available. If choosing this option, there is a hole on the front with a rubber stop that prevents the liquid (baby oil) from leaking out!

For the liquid glitter option, please note that I ship from Canada. I have checked laws for Canada Post and I can ship liquids within Canada and to the States, but your individual state and countries outside of Canada and the US may have differing laws. Please check them out before ordering! Also, be aware whether the package is accepted across the border is also up to the individual border agent and they may not be aware of all the laws. If you would like an empty canister keychain to fill with baby oil yourself, just leave a note in the order!

This is expected to ship out in March 2024. EDIT (Feb 16, 2022) Orders are closed and production is in progress. Will re-open the listing once the items have arrived.